Serve the world an up-down life

Company has been developed stably for more than two decades. With its perfected coordinated management system that covers elevator design, R&D, manufacturing, installation, debugging and maintenance, the company devotes itself to providing professional, accurate and fast overall solutions.


Aolida elevator always adhere to the quality first, strict selection of quality parts and materials, strictly control the production process and process.
Elevator series

Aolida elevator products cover small passenger elevator, villa elevator, sightseeing elevator, bed elevator, cargo elevator, car elevator, escalators, moving walk all kind of complete elevator series varieties.

Responsibility Makes Service Outstanding

Aolida elevator to employees, customers and the passengers of the three win-win harmonious way to achieve, through a platform to build, promotes staff’s value, dreams, through product and service excellence, for customers to create unlimited value, through beauty by ladder space and experience, for the world to create harmonious carrying.
Based upon great strength. Witnesses the abundant force of the national brand.

It strives for the newer products throughfine innovation.

Exquisite article a life time, guard the thousand ten thousand doors peaceful.